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The Trip From Hell
Posted By:Creek.Jumper

I remember a particular trip where everything went wrong. 

We packed up my 4WD Blazer and headed North to do some ice fishing. An hour into the drive the heat stopped working. 30 minutes after that, We lost a tire on the trailer. After waiting a few hours for the tire shop to open, we were on the road again and made it to the trailhead. 

I unloaded our Yamaha Rhino and we began loading our gear into the rhino and our sled with bungee chords just purchased. These chords were defective and would not hold anything!! In haste(its already 9:00 am) We finally tied all our gear on and headed to our hidden lake. We got there without incident. Set up and bang! First Splake right away! Then we decided to cook some chilli I had prepared but as we rushed to load we had forgot to bring our spoons! So we substituted spoons with our Williams woblers...yummy! 

We ended up with 2 nice splake that day, a bit of frostbite and oh, and did I mention we got lost on our way home?

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